Let's Talk: Post Natal Depression, Event

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On Wednesday the 26th of September, we held our second event, Let’s Talk: Postnatal Depression, where we held a frank and honest conversation about one of the biggest causes of suicide in the world; one that we feel often goes unreported in the media. We feel like that should change, and the only way that could happen is by starting the conversation ourselves.

In order to do this, we invited a number of charities and support groups to talk about their experiences and what they’re currently doing to help those who are affected by PND, giving those the support that they need.

Firstly, Natalie Nutall from the Smile Group gave a presentation about what the Smile Group aims to accomplish for mums within the North West, along with some sobering stats about mental health: “Perinatal mental health problems affect up to 20% of women at some point during pregnancy and for the first year after birth, with around 15% of women experiencing common mental health problems such as perinatal depression and anxiety.”

Natalie then followed up with an overview of how the Smile Group has improved the mental health of families over the past few months, and how they’re planning to expand in the future while continuing to offer the fantastic support they currently do.

Kieran Anders of Dad Matters was scheduled to give a talk at the event, but unfortunately was unable to present. He was able to send across his presentation though, which included some shocking statistics that showcased how dads are just as vulnerable to PND as mums are, with between 1 and 3 out of 10 dads in the UK dealing with anxiety and PND.

Finally, Kate Shaw of the Mum’s Wellbeing Group spoke about the history of their group, how they got their start 18 months ago off the back of the realisation that there isn’t enough support available for mum’s after the birth of their child along with an insight into their experiences. What’s interesting early on in the video is the quote that it’s not always about Postnatal Depression, as there’s also Postnatal Anxiety, Eating Disorders and more.

If you’d like to get involved with any of these organisations, the information needed to get in touch or to find out more can be found below. As for the Let’s Talk events, this is it for 2018 but we’re planning on hosting our third event, dedicated to mental health within the Asian community, in the new year.

Make sure you stay tuned to our social media and subscribe to our blog to learn more about the upcoming event when we’re ready to announce more, and check out our previous event, Let’s Talk: Men’s Mental Health right here.

The Smile Group can be found here or on Twitter @TheSMILEGroup. More information on Dad Matters can be found on their official website and make sure to follow them on Twitter @dad_matters. If you want to get involved with The Mum’s Wellbeing Group, you can find them on Facebook right here.