10 Things I Wish I'd have Known In Freshers Week

So, you’re a new student. You’ve maybe left home for the first time. You feel wild with freedom. You are your own boss now and although that might be super exciting here’s a few things I wish I would of known back in freshers week…

  1. Your student loan has just come in. My first thoughts were ZOMGGGG I’VE NEVER HAD SO MUCH MONEY IN MY LIFE. I know its tempting to go on a shopping spree but try to be careful. Trust me, its all well and good buying new stuff, but when that money runs out and you’re living off Sainsbury’s canned potatoes (39p FYI) for the next 3 months you will be kicking yourself. (and so will your guts)

  2. Try to drink responsibly. I know this may sound stupid because freshers week is full of bar crawls and glow stick parties but just remember, that hangover will come a’ knockin. It’s even worse when you’re all alone in a new place and have to fend for yourself. So try to be responsible when it comes to booze. (Be mindful that alcohol is a depressant)

  3. I’ve said this time and time again but its so important to remember that 95% of serotonin is produced in the gut. Back in my freshers week (7 whole ancient years ago) I made the stupid mistake of binge eating fast food because my mum wasn’t there to provide healthy meals. By the end of the week I felt down, sluggish and had a giant boil the size of Russia on my chin. It wasn’t fun and it definitely wasn’t pretty. So, DON’T NEGLECT YOUR VEGETABLES.

  4. Again, another pretty self explanatory one: try to get enough sleep. It may seem difficult when there’s late night parties happening or your techno loving flat mate is keeping you up all night but when it comes to mental health sleep really matters. If you do have noisy house mates why not invest in some ear plugs and a black out sleep mask?

  5. You’re meeting so many people and of course you’ll want to make lots of new friends. Best piece of advice? BE YOURSELF. I made the silly mistake of trying to mould myself into a brand new shiny person. A person I thought everyone would love. It turns out I just needed to be myself.

  6. This one is VERY important… SIGN UP TO YOUR LOCAL GP ASAP. You don’t know when you’ll need an appointment and we all know that walk in centre waiting times are the pinnacle of all evil.

  7. A simple yet very effective one for those who have flown the nest for the first time. COLOUR CATCHERS. Those tiny little pieces of fabric will be your saviours. Colour catchers you ask? Toss one in a coloured wash and they save the colours from running. There’s nothing worse than ruining that crisp plain white tee you just bought.

  8. STOCK UP ON TOILET ROLL. We all forget about the mundane things but you don’t want to be left without it mid way though.

  9. Another mundane yet critical one… Washing powder. You’re best off buying in bulk. Grab an extra large one before you go to uni. That stuff is expensive and heavy to carry.

  10. And finally, the last but imperative… Don’t worry if you’re homesick and not having as much fun as you thought you would. Its okay if you’re not a party animal, its okay to be shy, its okay to be nervous and its okay to miss your family. Most people do deep inside. You just do you. (and ring your parents as many times as you need to, no-ones judging!)

Have a great time