YOur New Digital WEllness Platform

WeAreASSIF is a digital platform launching soon. It will be used to alleviate poor mental health and promote positive health and wellbeing.

Our companies origins are rooted back in 2010, when our founder, Omar Latif, experienced the devastating blows that mental health can have on a persons life. You can read about Omars story [here].

Here at WeAreASSIF our aim is to 'take the guess work out of well being'. Our platform offers a bespoke and unprecedented wellbeing- centered solution, utilising user-generated data with a network of experts from across the fields of science, mental health and wellbeing.A large portion of our tech team are ex-Google and our founder and CEO previously worked for Deep- Mind Google which means our platform is grounded in cutting-edge AI technology. With over a decades worth of academic research into mental health solutions, we believe we have found an optimal solution.